The Light of Christ

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Back in Birmingham, we had a priest who did a great job of describing his relationship with God. I’ve always related to it and think about it all the time. He said he feels like God is a single candle burning in the middle of a football field in a huge domed stadium that is completely dark. There are seats all around, even luxury boxes up higher with a better view. We are free to move around that stadium as we choose. We could even elect to leave the stadium. By our actions and our words, we decide to move closer or further away from the light of Christ shining in the middle of the field. Perhaps we reach out to a friend going through a difficult situation. We get up and move a few rows closer. Now we see just a little bit better. There could be a day where we choose to ignore someone’s suffering and we move to the back row. Now we see a little less. 

Sometimes it’s easier to see a little less, right?

 If we choose to live in the dark, there is less to worry about, less effort needed, fewer things to take up time. If we choose to get closer to that light in the middle of the field, it will take work. It will take sacrifice. The reward will be a clearer vision of what Christ sees of us. I think we know that sometimes that vision will show us things we may not want to see. However, I feel that if I have been granted that vision, maybe Jesus knows I can handle it. Perhaps it is my talent that can help someone else move a few rows down. You may be the one person that can get someone to enter the stadium and start their journey towards the light. That journey towards the flame is yours to make. Your choices, your actions, your desire to see more of what the light of Christ shines upon is in your control.

I’m not sure of where I am in the stadium right now. I know my time at Jesuit has helped me move a few rows closer to the light. I hope that I’ve helped a few others move closer as well. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that actions and attitude, not money and notoriety, move me closer to the light.

Author: Jesse McNeely, Chief Technology Officer


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